KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Platinum Starter kit
KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Platinum Starter kit
  • Topfill 7W-75W Temperature control Support 0.1 Coil above spring loaded 510 RBA Mini plus USB Port
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Sale! KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Red Starter kit
KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Red Starter kit
  • Topfill 7W-75W Temperature control Support 0.1 Coil above spring loaded 510 RBA Mini plus USB Port
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Sale! KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Starter Black kit
KangerTech TOPBOX Mini Starter Black kit
  • Topfill 7W-75W Temperature control Support 0.1 Coil above spring loaded 510 RBA Mini plus USB Port
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Sale! KangerTech TOPBOX Mini White Starter kit
KangerTech TOPBOX Mini White Starter kit
  • Topfill 7W-75W Temperature control Support 0.1 Coil above spring loaded 510 RBA Mini plus USB Port
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Topbox mini

Are you looking for an excellent electronic personal vaporizer? The long wait is over because the Topbox Mini has finally come! Unlike before, it is now made easier to find this product because it is now widely available in the market. This is one of the updated products available in the market today, which can give the user a handful of advantages. This is capable of controlling and at the same time firing up to 60 watts compared to other products that only fire for up to 50 watts. Aside from being updated, this also comes with the improved airflow. Most of all, it measures at 3.2 ml capacity and top filling, just as its name itself suggests.

This Topbox mini mainly comes with everything that the users primarily need in order to vape. In addition to that, this also comes with a nice factor. There is an assurance that users can take this anywhere they go because of its portability. This Topbox mini is best, especially for people who are looking for excellent mouth-to-lung style of a vape with 1.5ohm SSOCC supplied. Moreover, users can also get the most out this Topbox mini when it comes to controlling the temperature function with 0.15ohn SSOCC. This product has what it takes to satisfy the users and if you want to get what you pay for, do not hesitate to include this product in your list and be amazed on what the result would be.

How to use the temperature control feature

It is important to know that in order to use the temperature control feature, there is a need to use the coils or nickel coils which should be mainly built with the non-resistant wire. It is highly advisable happy new year wallpapers that when using the RDTA and RDA, the users should wash AND clean first the atomizers with proper care. In addition to that, users should also have a background knowledge regarding the proper way of using and handling this kind of product.

It is recommended in the first place to test the coils with the ohmmeter before utilizing it with the respective mods, batteries, and other devices. Coils having low resistance are not mainly suitable with all the mods, batteries, as well as other devices. It is important that users should ensure that their own mods, batteries, and devices could handle the low resistance right before using any of them.

Topbox mini is packed with different features, all users are guaranteed that they will get what they are looking for in an excellent and worth paying product. They also have the freedom to choose among the different products and can expect than any of those would definitely give them the satisfaction that they want. Topbox mini is designed in order to cater the growing needs of different individuals who are looking for high quality vape.  What are you waiting for?! This is now the time to include this in your list. Be ready to expect satisfying and the best results!

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Average rating:  
 79 reviews
by Chris W on Topbox Mini

Bought one of these topbox minis just under two weeks ago, was great but a couple days ago i woke to find it had been leaking overnight and now i cant stop it leaking liquid. Have tried cleaning, changing coils anything i can think off but its still leaking!!!!

by James B on Topbox Mini

After all the good reviews I heard about the Sub Box Mini I thought id give it a try. Ive been using it for a little more than a week now with 70/30 juice and it is great. Lots o flavor and not to much heat. And you can't beat the price for this sub box. Would definitely recommend this for anyone. The service here was great too. Affordable and fast shipping.Beauitful starting piece. Highly recommend for new vapers.

by Dijon Williams on Topbox Mini

This thing is awesome people i put it on god man get this shit its popping yo!!!!

by James G on Topbox Mini

works perfect

by Alexander smith on Topbox Mini

i got mine fast they shipped it same day i ordered that was dope

by Janelle R on Topbox Mini

I bought this product for my boyfriend for an early birthday present and he absolutely loves it! I'm very pleased with the price as well. The excitement on my boyfriends face was priceless! Happy customer!!This is a great product I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in box mods and is just beginning.

by Frankie A on Topbox Mini

love my vape that I ordered and it has helped me quit smoking. Delivery was on time as promised and I can't express how satisfied I am with my vape. Love the subox! feeling the love from the tank !!!These replaced a long line of broken Vapor sharks. I have been using for a few weeks and they seem well made and have plenty of power. Thanks!

by Ryan S on Topbox Mini

This is an awesome mod. Everyone that I work with that vapes loves the look. Great clouds and taste. Easy set up for someone new to vaping.This was an incredible starter kit for all vape experiences..I've been vaping 2 years now, I have regulated and unregulated box mods, mechanical mods and I can say that this 50watt device performs excellent.

by chad richards on Topbox Mini

excellent vape, smooth, big and bold. no leaking and easy to use. would buy from this company again.I got this for myself as a birthday gift and I love how good my juice tastes in it and it was great clouds it's easy to use for someone who's not super experience with vaping like me.Outstanding. Works as I wanted. High quality. I use this on deployment. Thank you.

by Chad Gomez on Topbox Mini

This vape works amazingly well and is low maintenance. Best of all it is very rugged.Some drunk dude managed to make my brand new mod and tank hit the asphalt not once, but twice...it's still working perfectly. no cracks, no real damage I can't deal with. Battle scars as I say.

by Janelle R on Topbox Mini

I bought this product for my boyfriend for an early birthday present and he absolutely loves it! I'm very pleased with the price as well. The excitement on my boyfriends face was priceless! Happy customer!!This is a great product I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in box mods and is just beginning.

by William F on Topbox Mini

I bought this for a friend of mine and decided to get one for myself too. I'm glad I did! This kit is far better than one would expect for the price.The box is more user friendly and has better airflow control. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a beginner or intermediate mod kit.This is a great product, lots of vape in such a small unit. I love it. :)

by Richard West on Topbox Mini

This is an amazing little mod! It really does the trick for me when I'm craving a cigarette.Gorgeous to look at (even the packaging) and a pleasure to use. Feels nice in hand and works great.Haven't had any issues as far as leaking, vaping, etc..It does what it says it does for at an excellent price point. 100% authentic and runs like a gem. Its a cloud chasing machine.

by Billy Dunlavy on Topbox Mini

I have been using it on a regular basis for a few days now and even when I hit it consecutively I haven't got a dry hit yet.I want to say how awsome this kit is! It has amazing tanks and mod provide plent of clouds and flavor for me! What a great buy!If you are trying to quit smoking or just want to experience vaping for yourself this setup can really be a bet!

by Brad Dennis on Topbox Mini

I purchase this product and two days later had it and was emjoy using it great produce great service I will be buying my wife's vaporizer as well very pleased customer.Great flavor, big clouds, small and beautiful device. No leaks whatsoever like some reported.Fast delievery, well handled. Highly recommend it.

by Lewis W on Topbox Mini

My parents have wanted me to stop smoking cigarettes for a long time. So for my birthday they decided to get me vaping. The product is excellent and I could not be more pleased with my new vaping unit.I am so pleased with the product and service that I plan to purchase my fiance the same unit for Christmas.Very satisfied customer.

by Vince W on Topbox Mini

I really like this unit, simple, slim, easy to carry, easy to use, comes with everything needed to start off or probably even great even for someone adding to their collection, obviously minus batteries, comes with a rebuildable automizer, pretty good instruction booklet, product quality exceeded my expectations as well. I would recommend this to anyone.

by Glen G on Topbox Mini

Great build quality, vapor is immense in volume, and there is amazing control to this piece of equipment.I'd recommend this kit to anybody who is tired of buying those crap kits from your local gas station, this is a good introduction into high level vaping.Pricing was great, one of the best prices out of any places. Hope to do business again.

by Matthew G on Topbox Mini

Totally new to vaping in general. I ordered this with the help of my buddy who's been vaping for a few months now and I have to say I am 100% impressed. Didn't expect to understand all of this device so easily. When you read about vaping online, it's very intimidating because it seems like there's so much to learn. Once you have a device in your hands though, it makes it very simple to understand and this is a perfect starter, in my opinion.

by happy bf on Topbox Mini

Got it quickly and the girlfriend loves the black version. The kit is great because if you like mouth to lung hits the kit has the setup for that as well. About 6 hours after she started using it one of her dogs knocked it off the table and it broke. She was heart broken. I bought this one to replace hers and she is happy again. Thank you so much.

by Rebecca on Topbox Mini

Great product at a great price. Best starter kit out there for the money. personally think the sub makes all my favorite juices taste better. Also it looks sharp.Seriously this whole set from the mod to the tank is just AWESOME!!! You get great flavor and can blow big clouds of your in to that! Personally I like the mouth to lung hit with good flavor and this whole set up does an AMAZING job!

by vapeking on Topbox Mini

Love this kit! No complaints, a sexy devise for sure. Works great and is amazing for a beginner has everything to start you off.Just got it and I love it! I'm blowing pretty decent clouds at 30w and at 4.3v.The clouds of vapor from this thing is unbelievable! The tank works great and the tank and the mod together look awesome.

by Kamron Duarte on Topbox Mini

Got this for my girlfriend for her birthday and she loves it! This kit has everything you need to take vaping to the next level.Great taste and really good vapor from this mod... I would recommend it to anyone. Completely satisfied! Also, myvaporstore got this door step in 2 days! These guys are great!

by Kyle combe on Topbox Mini

My wife and I have been Vaping for 9 Months now. Great Prices!. Don't really know how you do it. Keep up the great work, No reason to go anywhere Else.The Mod is excellent and was also well packaged. Very easy to use. I highly recommend it!!Nice complete kit and it has excellent performance. Love my little storm trooper!

by Greg Simmons on Topbox Mini

I've been using this item I purchase for about a week now. Pros: it's keeping me from smoking cigarettes, charges fairly fast. I can honestly say I'm not going back lol. Great kit at a great price. Add some great flavored juice and you're all set!Great product couldn't ask for anything better for the price.

by Matt Pike on Topbox Mini

Great starter kit for a first timer or a long time user. Kit comes with everything you need but a battery and E-juice. I would recommend this to anyone trying to quit smoking cigarettes.I needed something small but reliable for my wife to use while I'm away on business. This fit the bill and has a large capacity for juice. I'm ordering myself one next. Very impressed.

by Josh Chadwick on Topbox Mini

Whether you are someone new to vaping, or an experienced veteran of the world that is vape, this package has something for you. I recommend longer pulls at lower wattages, 7-8 seconds at 21ish watts will give nice, lush, flavorful clouds. The screen is nice and bright, Overall, if you are a cloud blower, get this unit. If you are a mouth to lung hitter, get this unit

by Andrew Beal on Topbox Mini

A quality vape for users that aren't necessarily into building or hobby equipt modification. Thick clouds, good flavor right out of the box while pass thru charging. No leakage and easy to find parts. This Subox kit is the best for the newbies and even for experienced vapors. Great flavor and clouds.

by William G on Topbox Mini

My girlfriend has been wanting a mod for sometime now so when I found these kits at a great price I decided to surprise her with one. She loves it! It most definitely won me some big points!thank you so much for a great device and great eliquids too!Love this little guy. Everything you need if you're a beginner vapor and for a reasonable price.

by Brian Grainger on Topbox Mini
great stuff

Outstanding service and delivery. Very pleased with the product. As a first time user my only recommendation would be to include better instructions. The flavor comes through great you get decent vapor production. It's a great kit for a beginner or someone looking to bump up from a pen or e cig.great, thank you!

by suzanne on Topbox Mini

This kit was so simple to put together and I absolutely LOVE it.. I've been using this mini for about one week now.. I could not believe how fast it got here either, I was highly impressed! Very impressed! I even ordered several other things and everything was exactly what I asked for!! EXCELLENT PRICE TOO !! My husband didn't want one when I ordered but after I got mine he couldn't put it down soI had to order him one too!!!

by drew on Topbox Mini
happy with it

I absolutly love this box. I have been vaping for a little over 4 months now with zero cigs. This is also my 4th vapor set up. This is the one that has lasted me the longest with no issues. I have no complaints what so ever.This product was recommended to me by a friend, and after taking some time to learn how to use vaporizers effectively I was able to use this right out of the box.

by Mike G on Topbox Mini

The item itself is fantastic. The box and tank are everything I could have wanted and the item was shipped with a business day and arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely be returning to this company in the future.Fast delivery. Love the feel. Its become my favorite battery.One like me that love the cloud that you create when vapping, this product is a heaven.

by Kas D on Topbox Mini

I have been impressed so far with the new coils and tank. The way the battery can be easily changed is also nice. will it last is the question, just have to wait and see.Flavor is pretty good for a tank I would say a 9 out if 10. Clouds could be bigger, but again for a tank its pretty impressive.

by Curtis on Topbox Mini

Love my purchase from this company...I will purchase again next time I decide to get more stuff for my vape..thank you very much for the great experience and service you guys do! More power to you guys!Very satisfied with customer service, from their friendliness to the good recommendations. I will spread word of this store when I can.

by Jackson Willis on Topbox Mini

Awesome device. Bought it for my wife and the price was the best around and she loves it. I'm jelious now and need to buy myself one. Great cloud production and flavor, very compact size. Best price you'll ever find!My friend loves and is hooked on vaping

by Alex West on Topbox Mini

Very easy to use and made from good quality materials. It fits in my pocket but has a good sturdy weight to it. Works great and would definately recommend.I'm very pleased with my purchase, it's a good place to start. Very easy to use, the display and program are easily understood and work! So if your not sure how far you're wanting to go with vaping, give it a try!

by George on Topbox Mini
the best

I believe this is the very best starter kit out there, especially for the cost. Every component you'd need to start vaping is included and each are made of the highest quality. Also looks way badass!. Gives you the feeling of true quality with all metal casing. this kit was phenomenal.

by chris on Topbox Mini

This starter kit was one of the best I bought and if you are looking to start vaping, I recommend this one.I was a complete beginner to vaping and had no problems getting started with this. Very cool looking, huge clouds, and an overall awesome experience.Love it works great and good price too!

by scott v on Topbox Mini

I'm new to vaping and this is a great product. The tank does not leak like some of the reviews I've read says, and the mod is nicely made and easy to use/adjust. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality.Great for starters, hits well and keeps me off ciggarettes! Fast shipping!

by coolly on Topbox Mini
Fantastic mod

I have bought two of these starter kits now for friends just starting out and the y have been very happy I have had no problems and it nice to get some one started with something that is easy to use and works well great flavor and good clouds honestly don't have any complaints if your new to vapeing this is a great deal and fantastic frist mod.

by DeSean Jackson on Topbox Mini

For those of you in the market for a well rounded vaporizer that delivers exceptional vapor and seek to maximize the taste of your favorite ejuice, I would HIGHLY recommend this kit. Furthermore, they delivered this product quicker than expected. This experience was an all around win for me. Fantastic job . You have definitely secured my future business.

by Bill Harris on Topbox Mini
great product

A now ex-smoker of 31 years. I find it easy to work on and operate. The digital read out let's me see at a glance what watt I am pulling, and it's simple to adjust. The multiple choice air intake setting is a nice feature as well.Purchased a while new setup and not only was the price cheaper but the speed and accuracy was amazing...thanks for keeping the vape world going...Over all a great product, and service.

by angelica lefancheck on Topbox Mini
5 star

I've used multiple types of e cigs ranging from cartomizers to rda's. I was unsatisfied with those products as cartomizers would easily flood or burn out too quickly. The subtank with this is amazing. The new vertical style coils are great. Been using it a little over a week and it's still running strong. Great product overall would definitely recommend this.

by Suve Randhawatpri on Topbox Mini
i love it!

Overall amazing! Tank doesn't leak and everything fits and works like it should. People complain about paint chipping but with proper care, stuff like that doesn't happen.Very pleased with the subox. Still have a bit to learn about it but so far it has delivered more flavor and vapor than my previous device.

by Hugo Thompson on Topbox Mini
worth it

This was recommended by a what I would consider a professional vape. I trusted his judgement and got this kit on a whim. Perfect kit, and meets all my casual vapor needs. Highly recommended.Now if I'm asked if I would recommend this product, I would say you would enjoy and perhaps buy another like I did for my wife.

by Nina G on Topbox Mini

Very Happy with Product, Lightning Fast Shipping, Customer Service.If you want a unit that you can plug and play and grab and go this is the best This unit delivers great volumes of flavorful vapor. The increase in wattage and airflow control are excellent.Will be mentioning to everyone about this product!!Simply Awesome and will do business again!!!You Rule!!!

by Tyler Dallou on Topbox Mini

It works amazing. Better than most. I have used a lot of vapes and this is by far the greatest.Normally I would never suggest a bigger mod like this to friends or family because there's a lot of little different bits of knowledge required to have an enjoyable experience, but I have no issue suggesting this, it is pretty much the perfect kit.

by Angelica Banks on Topbox Mini
Better then my previous device!

Overall amazing! Tank does not leak, and everything fits and works like it should! people complain about paint chipping but with proper care or not dropping it stuff like that wont happen. Topbox mini is awesome!!! very pleased. still have a bit to learn about it inside and out but so far its delivered exactly what i want and its better then my previous device!

by Brandon Shango on Topbox Mini
new to this

New to this vaping stuff but so far so good!!!!

by Lazaro Arango on Topbox Mini
Love the topbox mini

I am a new with vaping but totally love the topbox mini. It is nice to have the adjustability to get the best cloud or hit from the juice. Fits in my pocket no problem and feels good in the hand. Would definitely recommend to someone new to vaping. Simple easy to use great battery life and the taste comes out amazing.

by Jonathan Diaz on Topbox Mini
she loves it!

Ordered for my girlfriend as she has been wanting a mod for a while now and i decided to surprise her with one and luckily i scored some points!!! she loves the thing and told me she has not used a better one ! easy to use and simple, and just works, and not messy. What more can you ask for ?

by Arman Khatami on Topbox Mini
great price

The prices here are what sold me! compared to my local shop, these could not be beat. Ordered two and i am expecting them tomorrow!!! Great turn around time!!!

by Roberto Leyva on Topbox Mini
Great vape.

Been looking to purchase a vape after deciding to quit smoking. Stumbled upon this webstore, did a few quick reviews of them and the product and made my order! im vaping easily with the unit, no hassle. Great prices and fast shipping!!!

by Gabriela Villalobos on Topbox Mini
Great for a gift!

Got this for a gift for my brother in law and it is perfect for him! He is a casual vaper, and just wanted something simple, and its exactly that! :D, you can control the power, which is great for someone who may not vape all the time. The product itself is beautiful and came in great packaging, great for a gift! Fast shipping !!

by Kaela Wells on Topbox Mini
Great product

This product was recommended to me by someone i would call a pro at vaping. I trusted their judgement and bought this kit on a whim. Perfect kit! meets all my needs! Not only a great vape but also got to me super quick and hassle free.

by Eli Wallace on Topbox Mini
works for me

Just got this after a tip from a buddy who had the sub box? Told me the new one is even sicker and i remember trying his and i liked it. anyway im stoked on this new one. They even hooked me up with upgraded shipping since i emailed them and asked if they could and charge me for it, they just did it out of good nature. Wonderful people and a great product.

by Daniel G on Topbox Mini
Love it

I ordered this new top box as i had the sub box before and loved it. This new set up is great. The additional power is awesome too. If you vape a lot and want to puff big clouds, this additional 25 watts makes a difference!!!! i am spewing out bigger clouds then all my homies. The taste is still there too even with the heat, it wont burn it out!!!!

by Vianey Gutierrez on Topbox Mini

The kit was simple to put together and i absolutely LOVE it... I have been using the topbox for about a week now...It got here VERY fast, very impressed. I even ordered a couple juices and other parts and EVERYTHING was what i had ordered. EXCELLENT prices too!!!! My husband didn't want one at first but after i got mine he could not put mine down so i had to order him one too!!! GREAT!!!

by David Macias on Topbox Mini
Topbox mini

New topbox Mini is what all the rage is about. Im digging it. Easiest vape i have ever used. Thats whats important for me. Easy but still delivers.

by Wayne Rooney on Topbox Mini

i feel like i have gotten my moneys worth on this product and i feel like it is well made and should last me some time. Now just looking to find my favorite juice!

by Paola Figueroa on Topbox Mini
Great customer service

The customer service with these guys is great. I ordered a vape from these guys and i had screwed up with my address. I sent an email explaining what i had done, and these guys got right on it. They had the package returned back to them and sent me out one to the proper address the same day! how can you beat that?? esp when it was my bad!!! will be a loyal customer!!!!

by Kevin Martino on Topbox Mini

Great price for the fact that is a great authentic product. There are a lot of clones in this business and that does not make it a bad thing but to find an authentic kanger at a decent price has me sold. I checked my code and it checked out. happy shopping people.

by Anna Jimenez on Topbox Mini
Easy and great

Very easy to use and looks like it is made well. It fits in my pocket but has a sturdy weight to it. Works great, produces great clouds and you really get a great flavor of whatever juice your vaping. The display is easy to use and navigate, this is a great vape to start off with esp if your not into building or modding your own.

by Rafael Mora on Topbox Mini
Love it!!!!

Love my purchase from this company.. will purchase from them again for any of my future vaping needs. Thank you for the recommendation and the great service. was shipped fast and delivered as expected. Thanks again.

by Paul W on Topbox Mini

I ordered this product and it was shipped the same day!!!! got the package two days later and have not had one issue!!!! I am extremely satisfied!

by Augusto Carino on Topbox Mini

I would not say i'm new to this but i would not call myself an expert...i guess an intermediate. Anyway, transitioning into a rebuildable and the new topbox couldn't be any more perfect for me. It is easy to use and comes with everything you need. on top of that these guys shipped it to me about two days with notifications of every step of it coming to me. Overall, i am very satisfied customer. Definitely more advanced then your typical regular or standard ecig you see at gas stations, and what a difference. The air and power controls are wonderful, and so are the new coils.

by Dom Hunn on Topbox Mini
Extremely satisfied

product shipped out same day that i ordered!!! arrived two days later and it worked perfectly out of the box. I have been puffing clouds ever since. I consider myself to be an expert in this sort of thing, and i love it. the product is solid and delivers, the price is well worth it, an d the guys running this site are on point and fast. thanks and will definitely point people your way

by eric piatt on Topbox Mini
thing looks sick

with all the great points about this thing....which are all true...no one has spoke out what i think is the best part. IT LOOKS GREAT! its like the bmw of vapes!!!!

by Mike Thompson on Topbox Mini
helped me quit

I made the decision to quit smoking after ten years of a pack or more a day. My buddy who had quit while using a vape to ween him self off smokes told me to go with this. I asked why not the ones from the gas station ? He told me that if i had been used to a pack a day i would want something that hits well, with power, to feel like i am getting what i wanted. The gas station ones were weak and ran out of flavor real quick. These kind of mods i guess allow you to have much more options with power and all the different flavors of juices almost gave me an anxiety attack aha. Well i picked up some strawberry flavored stuff and loaded it up and i have not bought a pack since! i am sold. After a couple days i knew i was good and just needed to remain loyal to the program. After this 12 mg juice is up i will cut down to 6 then to 3 and then 0 and maybe still vape or maybe not.

by Trey S on Topbox Mini

all im gonna say is this people

BUY THIS VAPE!!!!!!!!!!


by Alex Kirkwood on Topbox Mini
not too shabby

I quit smoking about a month ago. At first i was using the E cigs from the gas station but then i was told about the mods i see all the kids puffing on. What a difference! My buddy had the subox and told me about this new top box and i decided to give it a go! I am not even using more then 20 watts and i am puffing huge clouds. Great taste and more then enough to keep me from buying smokes! I think this could be a great tool to ween me off smokes. Thanks!

by Rachel Villarreal on Topbox Mini
Very happy with everything!

Very happy with everything! the product! The service! the shipping! if you want a unit you can plug and play and grab and go this is the one. the increase in wattage and airflow in the new top box is amazing! will def send my friends your way!!

by Eduardo Carrera on Topbox Mini
Excellent new vape!!!

Excellent new vape!!! You would not think that going from 50 watts to 75 watts is a huge difference but it sure is. I also love how you can load it from the top now. Would rec to all my friends who are into vaping. Top box!!!!

by Brendan McCarthy on Topbox Mini
for my hipster brother

so my lil bro is a lil hipster and loves these things
i personally would never use one, but he loves them and was telling me about this so i decided to get him one from christmas

needless to say the little shit has been happier then anything ever since he opened it.

Nothing has broke which must mean its built good because the little shit is clumsy as hell

So from someone that knows next to nothing about these vaporizers, from an outside angle, its a great buy.

by Jesus Fontana on Topbox Mini

This thing is so sick bro i am very pleased it works very good and the battery lasts forever if your not cranking it full speed. I have even dropped it twice and it still works totally fine!!!

by Brian Boeltl on Topbox Mini
Awesome vape

Awesome vape. Bought if for my wife as she needed something more simple and it was a great price. She is happy so at the end of the day im happy! Thanks guys!

by Alex Olivares on Topbox Mini
Satisfied customer

I ordered it and it got here quick. Not an expert from what i can tell i for sure got my moneys worth. I love the adjustable power control, so i can rip some when im with friends or in the car and i can turn it down a notch when im in public. So much better then other mods i have had in the past that break to easily. This thing is solid. Thanks guys

by Saman Mirsoltani on Topbox Mini
great product

I bought this as a gift for my dad who has been smoking for 30 years plus and i have been begging him to try these and stop smoking. I think this is the one!!! He really likes it because it hits like the "dripper" type but he does not need to refill it every 5 puffs and does not have to change any cotton out or anything !!!!